Here at Fit-10 Fitness we offer Corporate Wellness Programs that can improve your Company's health and well-being. Corporate programs are seen as a core component of an attractive employee compensation and benefits package. Healthy employees make stronger companies. A corporate wellness program is the perfect way to strengthen and support your employees as they achieve their individual potential through fitness. This will help foster an environment of "care" for your entire company. Give us a call today to find out how easy it is to get started!



Employers have a ton a benefits for having fit employees:

-Lower absenteeism and health care costs

-Better work performance/productivity

-Improved concentration and morale

-Minimize sick days and down time

-Improved well being and job satisfaction

-Higher retention rates

-Less stress

-More energy



We can create a Membership Fitness Plan to meet your company's needs. Memberships can be set up as monthly or pre-paid for a specified amount of time. Employees enroll with no out-of-pocket expenses. Your company will be invoiced for the total number of memberships and it can either absorb the full cost or deduct a portion of the fee from the employee's paycheck. If the company assumes the cost, the membership belongs to them. If the employee leaves, the remaining time can be transferred to another employee. The rate is guaranteed for one year. Your company will enjoy the motivational environment and individualized attention they will get at Fit-10.